Adam Rozendaal

Former Army Medic. ER Nurse. Author.

My goal throughout my story is to clarify nursing and all it’s glory; peel back and let people peek through the veil a little. At least from the perspective of nursing through critical care. I have spent 8 years an an Emergency Room Nurse & then moved onto the Intensive Care Unit about 2 years ago. Prior to all of my nursing I was a Medic in the Army with two deployments.

For aspiring nurses.
for curious patients.

Get a Pulse is one man’s anecdotes and explanations of the emergency room process from start to finish.This book isn’t for the Grey’s Anatomy fanboy—it is for those who want a true peak behind the ER curtain. The goal? For nurses and patients alike to gain some sympathy for one another. We live in a pain-filled world, but a little more understanding can help bring healing in the places we need it most.


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